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Fans and Blowers Division

Fans and Blowers Division specializes in the design and manufacturing of Axial flow fans, Centrifugal blowers, Ventilating fans (wall mounted and roof mounted), In-line ducted fans, Bifurcated fans (high temperature applications) etc.

axial flow fans

Axial Fans

The fans are fabricated from high quality carbon steels with epoxy/ powder coated finish. Our fans are equipped with highest quality electric motors making them very durable while meeting all your air moving applications. The fan drive can be direct or belt driven and MOC: MS / SS. They also come in explosion proof type for hazardous area application, bifurcated type for high temperature applications and Multi stage type for high pressure applications.

We also manufacture Explosion proof fans (Fans for hazardous area)


  • Casing : Mild steel Epoxy Finish.
  • Impellers : Aluminium casted
  • Drive : Belt / Direct
  • Stainless steel construction optional.


  • Mancoolers
  • Inline ducted
  • Variable pitch type impellars
  • Bifurcated fans ( Motor is islolated from the air stream, used in hot air applications
  • Explosion proof ( for chemical / gaseous environment, we use high quality explosion proof motors)
  • Portable Ventilation Fans ( with an adapter to clamp flexible ducting)
Tubular Axial Fan
Tubular Axial Fan

Centrifugal Blowers

We are the leading manufacturers of centrifugal blowers in the region, and our blowers stand the test of time due to high quality motor, materials used and craftsmanship. Centrifugal blowers can provide directional air flow by maximizing static pressure thus making them optimal for spot discharge and optimum air flow through duct. Alternatively, their high suction can be used to hold an object in position or can be used to move an objects.

Tubular Axial Fan Tubular Axial Fan


Mounted on the roof, these are axial flow fans modified for ease of installation and waterproofing of the roof. They are equipped with rain protection cowl and bird mesh on top. Sizes range from 12” in dia. to 36” in dia. Variants: Centrifugal and Axial

Tubular Axial Fan


Mounted on the wall, these are axial flow fans modified for ease of installation and waterproofing on the wall. They can be equipped with gravity louvers / bird mesh Sizes range from 12” in dia. to 50” in dia.

Tubular Axial Fan


Multi outlet fans are used in applications where fresh air is to be supplied into confined areas. The airflow outlet can be divided and sent Vis flexible ducts. These fans can be custom build depending on the applications. Areas of applications include mines, marine tanks (cleaning), welding, etc.

Tubular Axial Fan


Man coolers are heavy duty axial flow fans mounted on a pedestal. Castor wheels can be installed to make it portable. It comes with a heavy duty stand, airflow adjustment handle, castor wheels and safety mesh on both sides. Sizes range from 12” to 50” fan diameter.

Tubular Axial Fan


We equip our axial and centrifugal blowers with ATEX certified explosion proof motors which are certified to be used in hazardous areas like gas filling station, oilfields, paint booths etc.

Tubular Axial Fan


Bifurcated Fans are used for high temperature applications where the motor is kept outside the air stream.

Tubular Axial Fan


Multistage or two stage axial blowers are used to increase the pressure achieved in airflow. Mainly used to supply fresh air into mines, oil tanks (cleaning) in ships, enclosed area, basements etc.

Tubular Axial Fan


We manufacture customized special purpose fans and blowers as per client’s requirement and application.

Tubular Axial Fan